February 2016

Eagles’ Science Lesson

Today in Science we combined our topic of materials with our topic of fire. We looked at fire safety in the house and the we discussed how safe we thought various materials were. We then made predictions about whether the materials were flammable and discussed how fast they would burn. The 6 materials we investigated were Continue reading

Paralympic Activities

This afternoon ten children from yr.6 took part in some Paralympic activities organised and led by Yr.6 from St Mary’s school.   They had great fun trying out curling, seated volleyball and wheelchair basketball and were impressed with the organisation and leadership skills from the children from St Mary’s.

Trees – Yr.1

As part of their work on plants this term Yr.1 spent lots of time thinking about trees today. First we identified names of parts of trees and found that some were the same as ones they had already learnt such as leaves and some were different such as trunk. We learnt a song about the Continue reading

PSHE – cleanliness

This term in PSHE we have been thinking about how to stay healthy. We started the term by talking about how important it is to keep clean. We decided to do an experiment to see what happens to food if you have dirty hands. We started with 3 slices of bread. The first was our Continue reading

PSHE – Exercise

As part of staying healthy we have been thinking about healthy eating and exercise, we looked at how exercise increased our pulse and our heart rate. So we could see this we used cocktail sticks stuck into marshmallows. After exercise if we placed it over our pulse rate and you could see the cocktail stick Continue reading

Noah’s Ark Art

As part of our “Creature Homes” topic we read the story Noah’s Ark and then re created the animals in their pairs. We very cleverly painted only 1 animal and then used this to print a 2nd animal on the other half of the page by folding the paper. It was quite tricky because the Continue reading

MMS Term 3

In some of our maths lessons this term we have been learning about measurement. We have been using decimetre (dm)sticks to build shapes and then measure their perimeter; and we have been using bags of sugar (kg) and baked beans (g) to represent mass.  

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