Mother’s Day Service

Thank you to everyone who came to the Mother’s Day Service this morning, we had 124 people there! It was a great service, thank you to the children who led us in readings, prayers and a poem for mother’s day; Amber, Lily-May, Katie, Freya, Freda, Liam, George and Anna. They all read beautifully and got to read from the pulpit which had been decorated by a mother’s day banner made by Mrs Button! Also a big thank you needs to go to the choir led by Renata who had adapted a song ‘Its excellent to be Obedient’ to be more specifically about the love they had for their mums! The singing was excellent and very heart felt.

The Reverend Cameron, gave an excellent talk; he had us all intrigued as to what was in the box that needed so much looking after. It turned out to be a mirror and helped us to appreciate what our mums and those who care for us do day in, day out. Father David led the blessing and then all the children gave their mum a pot plant as a token of their appreciation.  Thank you also to the PTFA who organised refreshments for after the service.

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