7th March 2016

Mary Seacole

Today Eagles were learning all about Mary Seacole and what it was like to be a nurse back in those times. We looked at modern hospitals of today and compared them with those on the battlefields of the Crimean war. Everyone felt it was very strange that noone in those times knew that dirt was Continue reading

Cool Physics Show

KS2 had a special treat today. Each class watched an interactive liquid nitrogen show. They looked at properties of the three states of matter and how we can change substances between these states. There were some amazing demonstrations such as turning air to a liquid and liquid nitrogen to a gas. We saw how cold Continue reading

Drama Club

We get up to all sorts of fun in Drama Club; some of our favourite warm up games include ‘excuse me on the bench’ and ‘ Hello I’m…!’. Today we tried to see how many different ways we could say the phrase ‘ so, we meet again.’ – have a try, you’ll be amazed how Continue reading

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