London and the Transport Museum

On Thursday we spent the day in London, it was an early start but the rain had stopped. First we spent time looking around the museum and collecting the numbered stamps on the cards. Early transport in London was covered on the upper floors and as we got lower, time moved on and the vehicles became more modern. As well as actual modes of transport to experience, there are train driving simulators to have a go on.

We were then lucky enough to do an Inspire Engineering workshop. This involved learning about the very first underground tube train, which was run by steam so not hugely successful, we all got a turn of boarding this actual train which is 150 ears old. We also planned how and where we would have run the first tunnels under London and discussed how to persuade the Londoners of the time to accept this new and scary idea.

After our museum visit we walked through the city centre looking at some famous landmarks, we saw Trafalgar Square with Nelson’s column and the lions and fountains, the mounted guard at horse guards, Downing Street and the Cenotaph, Elizabeth tower, Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and the Thames, we even heard Big Ben. We continued on past Westminster to St James’ Park and then on to the coach. It was a very long journey home due to the flash flooding causing problems in another part of London that forced even more traffic onto the same roads as us. The children were especially well behaved on such a journey and as usual were a credit to us throughout the day.

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