June 2016

Worship with Dave Barker

Today we had a visiting speaker, Dave Barker the pastor from Cheriton Baptist Church, in to lead our worship.  He talked to us about being able to have peace even in life’s storms by relying on God.  This was illustrated using the story of the Jesus sleeping during the storm when out on a boat with his Continue reading

Time Travel – Yr.1

Our topic this term is traveling through time. We will be visiting lots of different periods in history and maybe even going to the future! We have a time machine in the class room which we helped put together today. We made lots of panels and buttons to help us drive our time machine through Continue reading

Year 4 Term 6

Dear Parent/ Carer During the second half of the Summer term Year 4 will be covering the following topics: Literacy:          We will be studying a rhyming verse story, thinking about the layout and way it was written to help us understand the text. We will also be considering adverbials which give the where, when Continue reading

Yr. 6 Parent Letter

Dear Parent/Carer, During the second half of the Summer term, year 6 will be covering the following topics: Numeracy:     Ratio and proportion, investigation techniques, the standard written methods for addition, subtraction multiplication and division, problem solving and investigations. Literacy:        Creative writing, use of complex sentences, diary entries, reports and letters. Science:          Investigations and forensics. Continue reading

Final Term in Year 5

Dear Parent/Carer, Welcome to the final term of Year 5- hasn’t time flown! We have a very busy term ahead, with lots of exciting activities and trips planned – keep your eyes peeled for important letters about upcoming trips in the next couple of weeks. We also hope for good weather to allow us to Continue reading

Infant Agility

Owls spent part of today at The Three Hills Sports Centre taking part in a sporting session. We had great fun practising our throwing, jumping and running skills. We had 2 teams and came in 10th and 4th out of 13 teams. Here are some photos.

Stop Frame Animation

Yr.6 have been looking at Wallace and Gromit films in Literacy and ICT.  They have used a variety of programmes to create animations.  To finish this topic they worked using an animation app to create stop frame animations using plasticine like the Aardman films.  First they used playmobil animals to make a film, this enabled Continue reading

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Reflecting Light

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