September 2016

Electricity Yr 4

Today in Science, as part of our topic of electricity, we made circuits using wires, a battery and a bulb.  We were testing various materials to see if each was a conductor or an insulator. We tested paper, tin foil, plastic pegs, split pins, pencils, paper clips, elastic bands, pennies, brick pieces and some straws. Continue reading

Yr 4 Judaism

During the first term Year 4 have been learning about Judaism. As part of our work, we have been thinking about special items that are worn by Jews for prayer, including skull caps called kippahs. This week in RE all the children designed and created a paper kippah.  

‘That’s What I Like’ by Owls

Today Owls showed off their amazing memories by reciting a poem about their senses, they had lots of actions too. Look at our videos and see just how brilliant they are!  

Archery and Giant Badminton!

Eagles had a great treat today as we were visited by a couple of coaches (Phil and Chris) from Folkestone Sports Centre. They brought equipment with them and coached us all on the skills needed for archery and giant badminton. We had fabulous fun in the beautiful weather and all showed great improvements by the end of Continue reading

Yeast – Dead or Alive?

Yr. 6 have been looking at microorganisms this term, they have identified the seven life processes and realised that if yeast is alive it would be able to do all seven of these life processes.  This week they investigated what yeast needed in order to stay alive and what conditions it thrived in.  They found Continue reading

Yr.4 & Yr.6 Hockey Coaching

Yr.4 & 6 have been lucky enough to have some coaching sessions led by Deryl from Folkestone Optimist Hockey Club. They have looked at passing, dribbling, turning and shooting skills.  Clear improvements have been made by all the children across the sessions and everyone has enjoyed themselves.  A big thank you goes to Deryl for his expert coaching, Continue reading

Owls were on target today!

Owls got the opportunity to try out their target skills today when Phil and Chris came in to teach them about Archery. We split into three groups so everyone got a good experience of each area. Alongside the archery we played parachute games, which was very funny and an alternative to badminton in which we used Continue reading

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