October 2016

Reception fun day

This afternoon the Ducklings travelled to the Three Hills Sports Centre for their very first trip out of school. They all had a fantastic time and were all extremely well behaved. They took part in lots of different activities. They particularly enjoyed the obstacle course and the parachute games. Take a look at some of the photos (some Continue reading

Why the Whales Came

Yr.5 & 6 had a special treat today as they went to watch Michael Morpurgo’s story, ‘Why the Whales Came.’  This was performed by an amazing storyteller at the Quarter House.  The children were gripped the entire time, the special effects and set were amazing and the storyteller held everyone enthralled. On the way to the Continue reading

Float or Sink?

Float or sink? That was the question in Owls this week. Another science investigation was needed to explain how things stay afloat. We looked at small rowing boats to huge cargo ships and questioned how this was possible. Our investigation wasn’t on quite such a huge scale but enough to take a look at what Continue reading

Royal Albert Hall

Today Year 4 were lucky enough to go to the Royal Albert Hall for the Primary Proms. We all felt very important making ourselves at home in our luxurious box seats. Although being still young themselves,  all performing groups were well rehearsed and entertaining. The steel band was particularly popular with the children and the solo Continue reading

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