December 2016

KS2 Nativity

This afternoon we had the first of the KS2 nativity plays.  The children were amazing, they sang beautifully, remembered their lines and cues and had the audience laughing and smiling throughout.  A particular well done to the soloists and group singers who were extremely brave and sounded amazing!  We look forward to you all doing Continue reading

Parachute Design in Yr.6

This morning Yr.6 were learning about the force of air resistance.  Firstly, they tried to fling pieces of paper across the room, they found this to be much harder when the surface area was large as there was air resistance pushing back against the movement.  They then considered what could affect the rate of descent Continue reading

Christmas Fair

A big thank you to the PTFA who organised such an excellent fair this year.  Thank you to all of you who came to support the fair and to the school choirs and dance clubs for providing the evening’s entertainment.  You were brilliant as always.  It was also lovely to see so many ex pupils.  

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Reflecting Light

In science this morning Yr.6 looked at reflecting light. They used mirrors and torches to…

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