Term 3 Owls Parent Letter

Dear Parents/Carers

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you well for 2017.

Our topic this term is quite appropriate for this time of year and is ‘Toys and Games’. We will be looking at the differences and similarities of toys from the Victorian era to the present day. Your children will be coming home and asking you about the toys and games that you used to play with indoors and outside. We will also be asking for guests to come in and talk about their experiences of their toys, especially grandparents and great grandparents!

Literacy: Our priority will be ensuring that children can read and do so fluently and with expression. Using phonics (Read Write Inc) we will develop our word recognition and fluency in both spelling and reading. Our emphasis in writing will still be on forming sentences and developing our knowledge of punctuation including commas.

Numeracy: Using Maths Makes Sense we shall continue to develop our mathematical knowledge This term we will be working towards reading and writing addition maths stories using the column method; measuring and recording perimeters; continuing to understanding length and mass; and reading, writing and acting multiplication and division maths stories.

Science: Children will be exploring different materials. This links nicely with our topic of toys and games. We will be examining what materials are best suited for different toys and what properties they have to be able to do this.

Art and DT: We will be looking at Andy Warhol’s toy prints and recreating these on a computer. We will also be sketching using charcoal and designing and making a toy.

R.E: We will continue to look at Christianity with the theme being ‘Creation’.

History/Geography: We will be looking at toys and games through the ages and different games that are played in other countries. We will also learn the history of the Teddy Bear.

Computing: We will continue look at how to program a Bee Bot to follow our instructions.

PSHE: We will be discussing ‘Goals’ and what we mean by this. We will include our New Year’s Resolutions in this.

Homework: Specific homework will be once a week to reinforce class activities. It should not take more than 10-15 minutes but it is a good start to develop the habit of focusing and concentration.

Spelling will also be sent home weekly.


P.E is on a Wednesday and Friday the children must have kit in schools on these days. As always please label all uniform clearly.

If there are any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Edgar

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