January 2017

Can hard materials absorb water?

This is what we tested this week in Eagles. After exploring different building materials, and discovering that they are all hard and stiff the Eagles investigated my hypothesis that all hard materials can NOT absorb water. They discussed how they could adapt last week’s investigations and what they needed to look for in order to scientifically Continue reading

Shepway Handball Tournament Yr.3/4

Yesterday we entered two teams into the Yr3/4 Shepway Handball Tournament.  It was great fun and the children played well with both teams winning a game.  It was the first time lots of the children had played handball and their skills increased as the games progressed.  W ell done everyone.

Shepway Handball Tournament Yr.5/6

Yesterday, we entered three teams in the yr5/6 handball tournament at The Three Hills.  The children were split into two leagues.  All three teams showed excellent skill and improved throughout the games.  St Eanswythe’s A and St Eanswythe’s C came second in each of their leagues and ended up playing each other for the bronze medal which Continue reading

Thermal Insulators

Today Year 4 carried out an investigation to find the best thermal insulators for keeping their hot water as hot as possible for as long as possible. The children chose various materials to wrap around their cups of water and to make lids. They then measured the temperature every 5 minutes to see how it Continue reading

Change for Life Champions

Yesterday, twelve children from KS2 attended training to become ‘Change for Life Champions.’  They took part in activities and considered how to lead events for others to take part in.  These children will then be leading Change for life workshops and activities in social club.

Houses of Parliament

Year 5 have been lucky enough to visit the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey! We started off with a tour of the Houses of Parliament where we walked past the Sovreign Enterance and followed in the footsteps of the Queen to the robing room. We then went through the House of Lords  before seeing Continue reading

Shepway Basketball Tournament

This evening we entered three teams in the Shepway Basketball Tournament.  We were initially split into four leagues, all three teams played well with the A team winning all their matches in their group meaning that they went through to the semi finals.  This was a closely fought game against Christchurch who ended up winning 2-0.  Continue reading

Chemical Reactions in Yr.6

As part of our topic on reversible and irreversible reactions, we found that some materials which don’t react with water react with acids.  We used acids you might find in your kitchen; these were lemon juice and vinegar.  We found that these react with carbonates such as washing soda crystals, bicarbonate of soda and marble chips.  Continue reading

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