January 2017


Our science topic this term is materials. Following on from last year when we learnt all about the properties of different materials; we are going to be learning about how those properties help different materials to do different jobs. The Eagles started this week by helping me with a dilemma. I introduced them to my Continue reading


In computing this term we are learning about programming. We started this week by designing a set of instructions to help our bee-bots move from “start” to “finish” without knocking over any skittles. We had varying levels of success and saw some bee-bots heading towards a dive off the table! We learnt that bee-bots do Continue reading

Making Quills

As part of our topic “The Great Fire of London” we have been thinking about what it might be like to live in the 1600s and how things were different. We have been learning about Samuel Pepys and are going to be developing our diary writing skills this term. We have made our very own Continue reading

Kic Theatre -Drugs awareness

Yr.6 considered drugs yesterday within their KIC theatre workshop.  They thought about the different kinds of drugs available including alcohol, tobacco, medicines, legal and illegal drugs.  They considered how all drugs affect our bodies and the choices we have to make regarding these substances.  They also considered the consequences of different choices.      

PHSE and Drama

This afternoon Year 4 participated in a drama workshop run by Ian from Kic Theatre, the main theme was a PSHE topic, people who help us. The children all enjoyed acting as police officers, firefighters and paramedics, Ian then led their thinking towards other people who help in less direct roles and those that are Continue reading

Eagles Museum of London Trip

We had a great trip to the Museum of London today. First of all we went to look at St Paul’s Cathedral. We had learnt about how the cathedral burnt down in the Great Fire of London so it was interesting to see the amazing building that was re-built. Then, we looked around the special Continue reading

Fire of London Drama

We had a special treat as we once again welcomed Ian from KIC theatre. He led a fantastic drama session with us this afternoon where we got to explore our new topic. We talked about, then acted out, what it might be like to live in smelly Tudor times. We then acted out the story from Continue reading

Kic Theatre

We had Ian from Kic Theatre with us today. We used drama to explore our emotions and role play ways of getting on with each other and what to do when we fall out.

Year 4 Circumference and Diameter

This morning in Numeracy we spent time investigating some strategies to measure the distance around the circumference and across the diameter of a circular face on a cylinder. We discovered that some of the strategies we tried were more accurate than others, but the task evoked some deep thinking and great communication to solve the Continue reading

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