February 2017

The Hobbit Workshop

  Following the production of ‘The Hobbit’, Year Five and Six took part in a workshop looking at how the performance was put together.  They considered how actors use their facial expressions, body language and voices to portray different characters in the play.  They were shown the stage props, scenery and lighting, how each of these Continue reading

Converting Measures – Maths Fun!

This week, Year 5 have been working hard converting different metric measurements. We worked with our partners to convert measurements and recognise equivalent measurements in order to complete a hexagonal puzzle with triangular pieces! Well done to Hope and Cass who were the first to finish the challenge!

Year 5 Air-Raid Role-Play

Year 5 have been learning about WW2. After learning that for the first six months of the war no bombs were dropped and people had begun calling it the ‘Phoney War’, it became very real after a speech from the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, informing the nation that Hitler had invaded Belgium and The Netherlands. Continue reading

Pancake Day!

This afternoon in Owls we had a look at how other countries celebrated Pancake Day. We found out that Sweden eat a pastry called ‘Semla’, in Estonia they eat pea soup and in Iceland they eat salted meats and peas! The class voted and undoubtedly the most popular food to eat on Shrove Tuesday was Pancakes!!

Art in Owls

In Art we have started to think about the season of Spring and have looked at different paintings by Vincent Van Gough and Claude Monet. We have also thought about how the season of spring makes us feel. We have then created our art using the medium of poster paint and the two colours, yellow Continue reading

‘Running Wild’ Canvases

We have really got to know the characters in the story of ‘Running Wild’ both in terms of their appearance and personality.  We have painted our favourite characters in the story.  These are Bart, Tonk and Charlie the orang-utans, Oona the elephant and the tiger.

Yr 4 Door Poster

In year 4 we used our abilities in IT to create welcome posters for our classroom. The best one was going to be laminated and used on our door to let any visitors to our school know who is based in the classroom. Several adults helped to select the winning posters, we had to choose two Continue reading

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