Eagles lunch at Luben’s

We were so lucky today to be able to go and have our lunch at Luben’s pizza restaurant. All of the staff there were incredible. They were extremely welcoming and attentive, and they taught us lots about cooking with a real fire oven. We wanted to see what an oven looked like close up as we are learning about the Great Fire of London and we got so much more. We learnt that the oven can reach temperatures of 350 degrees Celsius (which is about 100 degrees more than our ovens at home), and we learnt that they use beech wood to help the oven reach this temperature and smell so nice. They also let us all handle some pizza dough and showed us the pizza peel ( the tool they use to put the pizzas in and out of the oven). Finally they served us with delicious margarita pizza.

We can not thank everyone at Luben’s enough for making it so special.

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