Year 5 Parent Letter

Parents of Year 5

Dear Parents,

Welcome back!  Below are some details of what we will be covering this term. Most aspects of the curriculum will be taught through topic teaching. Our main topic this term will be the Second World War. We will be learning lots about this poignant and harrowing time from the not so distant past, including how it affected the lives of people at home and away fighting and how they recorded their experiences, the impact the war had on women and key events and figures during this time.

Literacy: Literacy lessons will see us visit the past as we look at historical texts linked to our WWII topic. We will start by looking at poems from this harrowing time in our history before looking at stories and instructions. We will be working hard on punctuating our writing this term, as well as developing our use of descriptive language and creativity.

Numeracy: Developing our key skills already gained; we will be developing our Arithmetic, Geometry, Data and Measure and Reasoning skills, using Maths Make Sense. This term we will be focusing on angles, measurements and how to convert between them, estimation, capacity and word problems involving multiple steps. We will continue to focus on learning all of our Times Tables and division facts.

Science: Our new topic this term will be Changing States and Gases. We will look at the processes of evaporation, condensation, melting and freezing to help understand that some changes in the properties of materials are reversible and some are not. We will look at different types of gases and understand that air has weight and is all around us!

Art & D.T: This term we will be creating Blitz skyline art and propaganda posters. We will continue to have our weekly art lessons with Mrs Simmons, with links to our WWII topic.

R.E: Our focus for the first part of the term will remain again on Christianity. We will be looking at Christianity around the world, how it gained followers and the different and similar ways it is celebrated on different parts of the planet. Towards the end of the term we will learn about the Easter story.

P.E: Will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. We will be learning handball techniques and a range of passes and shots. We will also be practising our football skills such as dribbling, defending, passing and most importantly, working as part of a team. Swimming continues on alternate weeks.


History & Geography: Our History and Geography topic will be focused around our main topic, WWII. We will learn about the rise of WWII and how it the affected people at home and around the world, learning about the lives of the ordinary adults and children who faced the Blitz and had to deal with rationing and evacuation. We will also learn about the inspiring stories and achievements of significant people such as Anne Frank and Winston Churchill.

Computing: We will learn how to use object-based graphics packages to produce images and visual models, learning the key differences between an object-based program and a paint package. We will begin to understand that visual models can be used to identify patterns and relationships.

PSHE: (Personal, Social, and Health education) This term we are lucky enough to have circle time one a fortnight with Mrs Braudy where we will cover a range of issues including a range of different feelings.

Homework: As well as weekly maths and spellings homework, there will also be a few pieces of topic based homework this term. Daily reading is also encouraged.


Please make sure children have a PE kit in school at all times, our PE days are usually Wednesdays and Fridays but often we have events on other days. They will also need a swimming costume and towel for their swimming dates which can be found on the weekly newsletter.

As a final plea can ALL uniform be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

This is a long letter but hopefully it gives you an idea of what we will be doing this term. Our main aim as well as working is to have lots of fun.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Parker

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