September 2017

New Scientist Live

Yr.6 had a fantastic day today at the New Scientist Live exhibition.  They were able to take part in many hands on science activities and experiments and learnt a lot.  These included many types of virtual reality headsets; interacting with and controlling robots; creating drones; building cars which were powered with salt water; driving planes and Continue reading

Yr.6 Bootcamp

Yesterday Yr.6 were put through their paces by two coaches from Beyond Limits Bootcamp, the children rotated through a series of activities working on different parts of their bodies.  Some of the exercises were very hard.  Everyone did their best and had great fun!

Superfruit Tasting in Eagles Class

In order to be ‘super’, every hero needs to eat healthily. In Eagles Class we are learning about living healthy lives. This week we tasted a range of ‘superfruits’ and discussed and recorded what we thought about their taste and texture. Now we have learned which foods we need for a healthy diet, we are planning to make something delicious Continue reading

KS1 Art Club

Today in art club we were let loose with the felt tip pens! We had the tables covered in paper and drew what we thought space looked like. As you can see from the images there was a great deal going on in the galaxy.

War Horse – Film

Yesterday Yr.6 enjoyed watching the film version of War Horse.  Afterwards we had a debate trying to persuade each other which version was better: the book, the film or the play.  There were some great points on each side.  We also discussed differences between the versions, why they were there and if they added to Continue reading

Cycling Club

This evening was the third week of cycling club; it was a glorious day so we headed down along the sea front.  We have some fantastic cyclists and managed to get to the park in Seabrook and back.  We even had time to stop for an ice cream!

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