October 2017

Cycling Club

We had our last cycling club session this week.  We managed to get all the way down to the Hythe Imperial , it was a lovely evening and we have some excellent cyclists.  Some of them even managed to pedal up the Old High Street at the end of the ride!

School Games Crew

Yesterday twelve children from Yr.6 were trained to be sports leaders within school.  They designed their own activities, presented them to other children and also took part in activities led by other schools.  They all enjoyed the event and are eager to share their new skills across the school next term.

Hop Farm Trip

As a culmination to their work on War Horse, Yr.6 visited the Hop Farm to work with two draught horses; a shire horse called Cruiser and a Dutch Draught horse called Lottie.  They were taught about the harnesses, what each part is used for and shown how to harness a draught horse ready for work.  Following Continue reading

Superhero Party in Eagles Class!

In Eagles Class when we display effort, good behaviour and show our school values, we are rewarded with ‘fluffies’ to collect in our class jar. This week we filled our jar! (This is amazing as it is a very big jar!) As a class reward, we had a superhero party. There was popcorn, chocolate, drinks and sweets. We Continue reading

Year 1 Sound Workshop

This afternoon we participated in a sound workshop. We had headphones and microphones, which picked up the slightest of sounds even our heartbeats! We then got to press some sound buttons that other schools and children had made. It was a very interesting afternoon and was a great way to finish our Science topic of Continue reading

Yr.6 on CBBC Newsround

CBBC Newsround were filming at the new scientist Live Show that Yr.6 attended a few weeks ago.  Some of our children appear talking about naked mole rats in the CBBC feature about the show.  You can watch it by clicking the link below. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/41607051  

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