October 2017

Super Smoothies in Eagles Class

This week in Eagles Class, we had chance to use our learning about healthy eating. We made delicious super smoothies. The first step was to prepare and cut the strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Then we measured and mixed the milk and yogurt before finally blending everything together! The best part though was drinking our smoothies! Tasty!

War Horse Poetry

As part of their work on War Horse Yr.6 have written several types of poetry.  They would like to share some of these with you.  The first set of videos are a soldier writing a poem to their horse which has died in battle, these show the strength of bond between the soldiers and their horses.  Continue reading

Macmillan Coffee Morning Success!

This morning, the Eagles and Owls classes held a coffee morning to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity. The response from parents, families and carers was nothing short of amazing! An incredible number of treats were donated and the hall was abuzz as adults and children enjoyed teas, coffees and cakes. The event raised Continue reading

Conductors and Insulators

This afternoon in science we tested various materials to see which ones were good electrical conductors. Firstly we drew a table with all the materials listed and then made a prediction for each one. Next came the actual testing, we did this by setting up a circuit using wires, a battery/cell and a bulb. If the Continue reading

Yeast Experiments

This morning Yr.6 investigated what yeast needs in order to stay alive.  They found that it needs moisture and prefers warmth and sugar too.  The ones in favourable conditions produced carbon dioxide as the yeast respired.  They then used this knowledge to blow up balloons using the carbon dioxide from the yeast’s respiration.

Year 5 plasticene containers

Year 5 are continuing to explore how to make small containers in their art lessons.  This week, they used strips of plasticene to make models of containers.  They practised rolling, spiralling and folding techniques to shape and strengthen their models.  Next lesson, they will apply these skills when working with terracotta clay.  

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