Year 3 Term 3

Dear Parents

Happy New Year and welcome to the first half of the Spring Term. Below are some details of what we will be covering this term. Most aspects of the curriculum will be taught through topic teaching. Our main topic is going to be the Tudors. We will learn about who they were, how they came into power and some of the changes and discoveries that happened in Britain during the Tudor times. Our Science topic this Term will be Light.

Literacy: Building on the skills we already have, we are going to focus on reading aloud with an emphasis on expression and entertaining our listener. We will still explore texts meanings and gain a deeper insight into the author’s intentions. Focusing on folktales, in particular fables, we shall explore proverbs, meanings and messages within traditional stories before producing our own. Later on in the term, we will begin to explore Shakespeare’s plays, albeit in a simplified form. We are still focusing on sentence structure so that we always use capital letters, full stops and have sentences that make sense. This term we aim to advance things with the use of paragraphs and more complex sentences.

Spelling will continue but with a focus more on rules and patterns.

Numeracy: Developing our key skills already gained; we will be developing our Arithmetic, Geometry, Data and Measure and Reasoning skills. We will continue to focus on learning all of our Times Tables and begin to realise that division is the opposite action to multiplication. We will also be working on how to answer word problems and develop our problem solving skills.

Science: Discovering what light is, we will explore light sources, how light is reflected, mirrors, shadows and transparency. There will be a Tudor element as we will discuss how the Tudor sailors used the sun and stars to navigate and tell the time.

Art & D.T: This term we will learn sketching techniques and use these skills to complete Tudor portraits. We will explore the clothes worn by Tudors and create a contrasting collage of clothes worn by the rich and poor. We will also design and create our own coats of arms and Tudor pot.

R.E: Our focus will be on Christianity looking at some of the main stories told by Jesus and learning them so that we can share these stories with others.

P.E: Will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. We will be going swimming alternative Fridays. We will be concentrating on Gymnastics and floor skills in particular.

History & Geography: Our History topic will be the Tudors. This term we will learn all about who the Tudors were, how they came to power and specific Tudor Monarchs including Henry VIII. We will learn about what life was like in Tudor times for the rich and poor and how brutal punishments could be, for petty crimes and even for misbehaving at school, if you were lucky enough to go!  We will also learn about new discoveries, different lands and trade during Tudor times.

Computing: Our focus will be on using the computer to conduct research. We will learn about e-safety and how to find trustworthy information online. We will also improve our skills on a range on office programmes including word and powerpoint.

PHSE: (Personal, Social, and Health education) The focus will be on how we see ourselves as learners and the academic goals that we wish to achieve. We shall look at our individual goals and decide how best to achieve them.

Homework: Specific homework will be given once or twice a week to reinforce class activities. It should not take more than 15-20 minutes and it is meant to develop the habit of focus and concentration. The main areas will be literacy especially reading and spellings; maths linked to the subject that we are focusing on and sometimes another subject, including topic, to enhance our in class activities.


Please make sure children have a PE kit in school at all times, our PE days are usually Tuesdays and Fridays but often we have events on other days. They will also need a swimming costume and towel for their swimming dates which can be found on the weekly newsletter and by contacting the office.

As a final plea please can ALL uniform be clearly labelled.

This is a long letter but hopefully it gives you an idea of what we will be doing this term. Our main aim as well as working is to have lots of fun.

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Parker


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