January 2018

Girls’ Football Friendly

Hythe Bay Primary school invited us to bring our girls’ football team to play a friendly match at their pitch.  It was an excellent game with both teams showing some great skills and good sportsmanship.  The teams were equally matched.  Unfortunately, we lost 1-0 due to an accidental penalty.  Well done to everyone who played Continue reading

People Who Help Us – Ducklings

Yesterday, as part of their topic on ‘People who help us’ Ducklings worked to save playmobil people from some very sticky situations!  It was very messy but they managed to save everyone!  They also looked at the importance of washing their hands which they did between each activity.  Ducklings also enjoyed role playing helping others Continue reading

Theseus and the Minotaur Plays

This week Yr.6 have been writing scripts based on the Greek myth ‘Thesues and the Minotaur.’  In Ancient Greece plays were narrated by a chorus who sung the story.  Year 6 also did this, some of them managed to weave some modern day songs to create a point, others wrote their own to well known tunes.  Continue reading

Negative Numbers

In Numeracy today Yr.6 enjoyed playing a board game. In order to progress round the board they needed to answer questions involving negative number which included, ordering , adding, subtracting, finding the difference and reading scales.


Yr.6 burnt stamp sized pieces of flammable materials today.  They found that if anything burned it was a chemical and irreversible reaction.  They then looked at fire safety which will be followed up by the talk from the fire officers tomorrow.

Trip to the Fire Station

The Ducklings enjoyed their trip to the fire station. We enjoyed a tour of the engines, we got to ride in the fire engines and have a go on the hose! It was a very exciting trip, it finished off with a real – life call out.

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