Year 5 Spring Term 2 Parent Letter

Dear Parent/Carer,

During this Spring Term, Year 5 will be covering the following topics:

Numeracy: This term we will cover: practising and refining written calculations using all four number operations (+ – X ÷ ). A deeper understanding of fractions, including multiplying with fractions will be covered. Perimeter, area and volume will also be taught, following on from previous understanding in this area of measurement. We will continue to develop mental skills in number throughout this term.

Literacy: We will be using our writing skills to produce short ‘spooky’ stories, encouraging the children to put into practise all of the writing techniques they have studied this year. Later this term we will be looking at reference texts, considering the validity of ‘facts’ and how to find the truth. We will continue to refine our skills of inference and deduction in our Guided Reading sessions, using a variety of texts. Likewise, we will continue to practise spellings on a daily basis in class, extending our vocabulary with advanced spellings.

Science: Our topic this term is Sound. We will be reviewing our understanding and knowledge of this area of science and then building upon this. We will carry out investigations, with an emphasis on identifying variables and ways of recording.

History: Word War 11: including The Battle Of Britain; The Home Front and V.E Day.

PE: Netball, gym and swimming.

Music: Easter: song.

ART/DT: Objects and meanings; still life and drawing and the use of different media.

RE: Salvation: What did Jesus do the save human beings?

French: The environment.

PSHE: Going for goals!

The following homework will be given each week:
Either – Literacy, Numeracy, Topic or Science and Reading. Spelling homework will also occasionally be given, please encourage your children to read regularly and to play word games as this is beneficial to so many areas of the curriculum.

Each piece of work should take no longer than half an hour and your child should be able to complete this independently. If children regularly have difficulty with homework, please let me know.

I hope this will give you further insight into your child’s education.

Yours sincerely,

Miss J Willson.

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