Term 4 – Eagles Class

Dear Parent/Carer,

During Term 4, Year 2 will be covering the following topics:

Numeracy:    Subtraction, division, fractions, estimation and measurement.

Literacy:        Instructions/recipes; Play-scripts – traditional tales; Fiction – Fairy-tales

Science:         Life processes and living things – plants

Geography:   Fieldwork and observational skills

ICT:                DTP – instructions

PE:                  Tag Rugby

Music:           Composition and performance

DT/Art:         Clay modelling, landscapes

French:          How I look 
The children have been given a new ‘homework grid’. As previously, this grid will contain a range of different topic related activities. Children should complete at least five tasks over the term. Please encourage your children to read regularly and to play word games as this is beneficial to so many areas of the curriculum.

Yours sincerely,

Mr N Brinkley

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