23rd February 2019

Indoor fireworks

As part of their topic on reversible and irreversible reactions Yr.6 did indoor fireworks, they watched some amazing flashing and sizzling fireworks, some snakes which literally grew before their eyes and were able to hold a sparkler each.  They realised these were all chemical reactions and were irreversible.

Owl’s Board Games

At the end of the term we all got to play with the games that we made for our homework. As you can see there were some very colourful and interesting games made. Fantastic work again by Owls. Well done.

Owls Term 4 Parent Letter

Dear Parents/Carers Our topic this term is Seasonal Changes and Weather. We will be looking at all different aspects of the weather including recording temperature, rainfall and wind direction. Literacy: As always our priority will be ensuring that children can read and do so fluently and with expression. Using phonics (Read Write Inc) we will Continue reading

Spring Term 4 – Class 5

Dear Parent/Carer, During the second half of this Spring Term Year 5 will be covering the following topics: Numeracy: A deeper understanding of angles, perimeter and finding area of shapes. Problem solving involving all four number operations (+ – x ÷) and building on previous learning of logic problems and finding all possibilities. We will Continue reading

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Social Club A

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