February 2019

Coke and Mentos

Yr.6 have been looking at reversible and irreversible reactions.  Last week they created irreversible reactions with fizzy drinks and mentos.  They predicted which drink would cause the biggest reaction.  It was a very messy but enjoyable experiment!

Year 4 Term 4 Parents

Dear Parent/ Carer During term 4 we will be covering the following topics: Literacy: We will be studying some of Shakespeare’s work, writing and performing plays and thinking about plots, settings and characters for suspense stories, along with some poetry, reading comprehension and grammar particularly adverbials. Numeracy: We will be looking at dividing 2 and Continue reading

Year 4’s European Feast!

To consolidate their learning about Europe Year 4 had a European tasting afternoon! They tried different foods and had to guess where they were from. They enjoyed trying new things and looking at traditional foods from other countries, as well as reflecting on traditional food we eat in England.

Heating in Yr.6

Yr.6 worked in pairs to heat several substances over a candle flame.  They found that some substances changed their appearance e.g ice melted into water, this is a physical change.  Some substances created something new for example if they burnt.  This was a chemical change.

School of Noise

On Friday, Yr.6 were fortunate enough to be able to attend a ‘School of Noise’ workshop at the Brewery Tap. The workshop used a wide variety of analogue and digital equipment to enable the children to explore the science of sound.  They started by using their own bodies to compose original experimental sound art.  The finished product was Continue reading

Candlemas Family Service

Yesterday, we held our family service to celebrate Candlemas.  Children led us in prayers and Bible readings and Reverend Cameron reminded us of Simeon and Anna waiting for Jesus.  We considered the importance of light and how we can be a light to the world.

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