Ofsted Celebration Science Shows

As a reward to celebrate the outstanding result we got for our recent Ofsted inspection the children were treated to two science shows from Fizz Pop Science.  Both shows were great fun and also taught us a lot about Science.  The first one focused on friction.  Through a wide range of experiments we found that putting a layer of air between two surface reduces the friction and makes things easier to move.  This culminated in children and staff riding on a hover board powered by a leaf blower!  We then had a show all about air, we found that air moves from an area of low pressure to an area of high pressure.  Using this principle children managed to fill huge sacks with air, knock bottles of tables and using a smoke machine we even managed to see the vortex created when a giant Airzooka air cannon was fired.  There was lots of audience participation and the children and staff were absorbed in both shows.  A big thank you goes to the PTFA who funded this event!

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