Tiki’s Birthday Party

The children came to school today with great excitement about celebrating Tiki’s birthday. It didn’t disappoint. Tiki demonstrated her excellent agility skills doing weaving, jumps and going through a tunnel. Each class sent one representative to race against the clock in an agility run. Yr.6 were first, followed by Yr, 4 and then Yr.2. We then played musical bumps, Tiki sat every time! This was followed by pass the parcel which included treats for children and treats for Tiki. The final game was pin the tail on the Tiki. Everyone had a great time and finished with a cake to celebrate. Tiki had her very own toy cake too.

Thank you very much for all her cards and presents. She hasn’t had time to play with them all yet but they will feature in her end of term video. She was very grateful and loved unwrapping them and putting her nose in all the bags!

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