Our Environmental Walk

Today Classes 3 and 4 went out for a walk looking at things that are good and not so good for our environment. We looked out for rubbish abandoned on the floor, flying bugs that were helping to spread pollen, we also noticed a lack of birds. We talked about what trees and plants do for us with the air we breathe. Coastal erosion was mentioned when we looked down at the beach, as were the recycled materials used to create the boardwalk along the pebble beach. In the distance we spotted Dungeness power station, so we talked about more environmentally friendly methods of making electricity. After lunch we looked at how much rubbish we had created and then used a bin that had solar panels on the lid.

All the children had a great time playing in the coastal park before we headed back to school, everyone had behaved well, so we stopped for ice lollies en route, oh dear more rubbish.

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