September 2019

Making Bread

As part of their work about microorganisms Yr.6 baked bread. They found that yeast is actually alive and therefore does all seven life processes. It is the yeast which makes the bread rise. They realised that microorganisms can be helpful as well as harmful. The bread tasted good too!

Eagles are Speed Stacking

This afternoon many of us were introduced to Speed Stacking. This is a sport where cups have to be stacked and then taken down with speed and accuracy. We have started to learn with 6 cups in a 3-3 formation, it was quite tricky to start with but we soon got the hang of it!

New Cool Rap Actions

This morning in worship the whole school were learning some new cool moves to the school rap we have been singing about Zacchaeus. Two Year 4 girls have been enjoying the Zacchaeus rap so much that they went away and, in their own time, created some cool moves to match the meaning of the words Continue reading

Parallel and Series Circuits

After recapping on circuit diagrams and their symbols year 6 looked at the difference between series and parallel circuits. They found that in a series circuit if one component breaks, they all turn off. In contrast, in a parallel circuit you can have each component working separately. There were some excellent discussions and some great Continue reading

Mouldy Experiments!

As part of their work on microorganisms Yr.6 are investigating what affects how quickly mould grows. The children considered the variables they could change and then worked in groups to select one to test. They chose some interesting experiments including the amount of salt, the amount of water, the type of food, the size of Continue reading

New Worship Leaders

This morning our new worship leaders led their first worship. They helped us to think about our God given gifts and how it is important that we all play our part and share these in our school community. Our new leaders were confident and brilliantly prepared. Well done everyone! The new playground mentors also introduced Continue reading

Meet the Ducklings

Ducklings have settled into school life really well. Already they have been demonstrating their skills on the outside equipment, exploring the classroom activities and following the school rules. As you can see we have had lots of fun getting to know one another. We are very proud to welcome them to St Eanswythe’s .

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