Owls Design Their Own Worship

The Owls have been thinking about how Christians worship. After talking about what we as a school do in our worship in the hall, and in church, we watched some videos of worship in other churches around the world.

The Owls then got into groups and planned their own ‘ideal worship’. They had to explain why each of their ideas would be a good way to worship.

 The ideas they came up with were wonderful, ranging from ‘more singing, dancing and clapping’ to ‘everyone taking in turns to read a prayer’ and ‘we need more acting out of the stories’.

One of the funniest ideas was ‘we need to all have worship in a hot tub so we are relaxed and warm’!’  Some groups decided to change the seating arrangements and have everyone in a big circle to represent how we are all equal.

 We then gathered all of our best ideas and created our own special Owls’ worship – with lots of actions, singing and energy.

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