November 2019

Separating Solutions

As part of their work about dissolving Yr.6 worked to separate solutions. They found that water evaporates very slowly in normal classroom conditions. Therefore to speed the process up they heated their solutions over a candle flame. This caused the water to evaporate leaving the salt crystals behind in the tray. If they held a Continue reading

Love in a Box

Today the whole school went to church with our Love in a Box gifts all wrapped up ready for Christmas. This year the boxes will head across Europe to orphanages in Moldova. In church we all sang fun songs, found out about Moldova, some children found the little country on a world map, a few Continue reading

Air Resistance

Yr.6 investigated air resistance this morning using paper sycamore seeds. They worked in pairs to decide which variable they wanted to test to find out if it affected the length of time the spinner took to fall to the ground. Some children changed the number of paper clips on the spinner, some the size of Continue reading

Worship Leaders

Today our group of worship leaders guided us through their story helping all the children, who were all sat with their buddies, understand the meaning behind it. The message was about being wise, to be wise we all need to use the things we learn rather than only hear it and move on and not Continue reading

Science -Yr2

In our Science lesson today we discussed the different habitats of the creatures we might find around the world and particularly the ones that live in England. We found that we spoke the most about the larger animals and totally forgot that there are many unseen creatures that live at floor level. Therefore, we went Continue reading

Drama Workshop

Today we had an opportunity for a bit of drama! Years 1, 2 & 3 took part in a drama workshop about knights and princesses. Katy came in from Dram4All and told the story of King Arthur and Camelot. She told the story through several different characters such as, Merlin and the scheming Morgan Le Continue reading

Father Bob

Today was our last worship with Father Bob. We are all sad to see him go and the classes made him some cards. During this final worship led by Father Bob, we heard children re-tell the story of Zacchaeus, some children acted out the story and we heard the story from the Bible. Father Bob Continue reading

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