Year 4 Term 3

Dear Parent/ Carer

During the next four weeks, year 4 will still be joined by the trainee teacher who was with us before the Christmas break. We will be covering the following topics in term 3:

Literacy: This term we will be reading How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell as a whole class and our literacy will be based around this. Concentrating on writing creatively we will learn how to write instructions concentrating on imperative verbs and also time connectives. We will be writing dragon stories with an emphasis on description learning about exciting adjectives, nouns, adverbials and fronted adverbials. We will try joke writing, practicing our punctuation skills. Finally we will write reviews of both the book and film and compare and contrast the two. Throughout the term we will also be working on spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension.

Numeracy: We will be looking at adding and subtracting numbers by putting all the additions and subtractions together first, measuring and calculating the circumference, radius, diameter and chords of a circle and multiplying at least three numbers including decimals.

Science: This half term our topic for science is forces. We will be investigating magnetic force, friction, water resistance and air resistance.

Computing: We will be continuing our work writing for different audiences. This will involve recapping some of the features of word processing and learning to use some new ones. We will also start on collecting and presenting data. We are going to create questionnaires to collect data and use computer software to create different graphs.

RE: During term three we will finish looking at incarnation and our new RE topic will be the Gospel.

Topic: We will be looking at some countries in Europe.

Art: We will be looking at and creating money containers.

Music: Melodic construction

French: We will be considering the vocabulary involved with various items around the house.

PE: Gymnastics, Dance, Tag Rugby and Swimming.

This term a homework choice grid will be sent home, one piece of homework from the grid must be completed each week. Five spellings will be sent home to learn each week, there will then be a test on those five and the previous week’s five spellings.
Reading and simply enjoying books at home with your child will also further their development as will helping them learn their times tables

I hope this will give you a further insight into your child’s education. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Mrs. Hines
Class 4 Teacher

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