Parent Letter Term Three

Dear Parents,

Our new Topic will be Occupations. This topic will involve learning about different occupations. From vets to builders. We will explore the different jobs people do to help people. As part of this learning, we have planned a trip to KidZania on the 31 January 2020. To enhance our topic this term we would like to invite any parents/carers or relatives that would like to share their job roles with the class into school. If this something you are interested in please contact the school. We look forward to seeing you.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Now that the children are settled into the school environment we will be concentrating on increasing the children’s independence and introducing them to more formal learning within our setting.

Literacy: Our focus will be encouraging the children to become readers. This term the children are in mixed Read Write Inc groups across the school in accordance with our school phonics programme. Most of the children now know their letter sounds so the focus will be on blending and fluency. In writing, our focus will still be on pencil control, writing familiar words and begin to construct simple sentences, taking note of full stops and capital letters. We will also be looking at some information books as well as storybooks around our topic.

Maths: This term we will be measuring, we will directly compare weights and heights. The children will look at time and think about hours as well as days and months. We shall continue to learn to read, write and say our numbers, extending to 100. The children will also continue to add and subtract two small groups of objects and write corresponding maths sentences. We will explore both 2D and 3D shapes including irregular ones. Plus explore directional language. Finally we will learn about money and begin to use it in our problem solving activities. We will also start to learn about halves and quarters.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Exploring our own environment and drawing on our own experiences, we will look at different cultures and jobs around the world.

Physical Development
In PE and in our general every day play, we shall develop our control and
co-ordination. The children will learn about how to be safe and be encouraged to develop an awareness of space for themselves and others. We will also continue to practice our ball skills.

Creative development
We will be exploring a huge range of textures and resources; especially using play dough. We will use materials to get creative in our play. The children will be positively encouraged to develop their ideas and imagination through role-play. We shall be using lots of music not only through singing but by dancing and exploring instruments.

Homework: Homework will continue in our home book. We shall send this home each week with a challenge for you to do with your child. This will then be shared with the whole class. The aim of this is to give parents a voice in the children’s learning and for the child to do a fun school thing at home.

In addition to this, we will continue to send home the letter sounds books and spellings.

Reading: Please share the books (daily) that are sent home with your child because the more they are encouraged to share books the better readers they will become. Please return these books to school and we will exchange them. We have many books not being returned to school.

Show and Tell – The children really enjoy show and tell and they get a lot from these special moments. Due to the volume of items and the sad realisation that some have gone missing we would like show and tell to remain only on a Friday. Please ensure that all items are named and that these are not expensive or sentimental items. If your child wishes to bring something in which is topic related or for their birthday that is great; just see one of us.


Please label all items of clothing clearly!
Despite many reminders we are still seeing many items brought into class with no names!
With 30 children it is impossible to ensure they keep their possessions if they are not labelled. (This includes ties )
P.E is on a Friday the children need PE kit in school it must be in a clearly labelled bag.
Please ensure that any items that have been borrowed from school are returned, we have a large number of items that have not yet been returned. We would be grateful of any spare underwear, tights and socks you would like to donate to the school.

This is a long letter but hopefully it gives you an idea of what we will be doing this term. Our main aim as well as learning is to have lots of fun.
Thanks for your continued support, you are most welcome to come and ask about anything.

Mrs Price and Team

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