Term 4 Parent Letter Year 1

Dear Parents/Carers

Our topic this term is Seasonal Changes and Weather. We will be looking at all different aspects of the weather and seasons including temperature, climates, daily local weather, seasonal food, clothes and art.

Literacy: As always our priority will be ensuring that children can read and do so fluently and with expression. Using phonics (Read Write Inc) we will develop our word recognition and fluency in both spelling and reading. Our emphasis in writing will still be on forming sentences and developing our knowledge of punctuation including question marks and exclamation marks. We will read lots of stories and non-fiction texts linked to our topic.

Numeracy: We shall continue to develop our mathematical knowledge of addition and subtraction, whilst looking at how they relate to division and multiplication. We will also be measuring and understanding capacity, revisiting 2d and 3d shapes and will be getting to grips with halves and quarters.

Science: This term we will be observing weather patterns in the UK and will be weather watching on a daily basis. We will learn about how the weather can affect us and look at the temperature and weather features of hot and cold climates.

Art and DT: We will be creating the seasons using different mediums such as; pastels, paint and collage techniques. We will be looking at different artist’s paintings of natural scenes and objects from different seasons to inspire our own work.

R.E: We will continue to look at Christianity at Easter with the theme being ‘Salvation’.

History/Geography/Topic: This term we will be learning what the seasons are and why we have them. We will look at seasonal food, clothes, how animals behave and the seasonal changes that take place during the transitioning of one season to the next. We will be looking at different temperatures and climates around the world and extreme weather. We will also learn what and where the equator is.

Computing: We will start to understand what data is and how we can use our weather findings to create pictograms.

PSHE: We will be discussing ‘Relationships’ and what we mean by this.

Homework – Will continue to be set in grid form and children may choose which activities they wish to complete, as well as any ideas of their own! Daily reading is encouraged, as is practising RWInc sounds.


As usual if you wish your child to have milk every day an order form is available from the office and as always please label all uniform clearly. P.E is on a Wednesday and Friday, please try to ensure that children have their kit in schools on these days.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Honzik



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