Year 4 Term 4

Dear Parent/ Carer

During term 4 we will be covering the following topics:

Literacy: We will be studying some of Shakespeare’s work, writing and performing plays and thinking about plots, settings and characters for suspense stories, along with some poetry, reading comprehension and grammar particularly adverbials.

Numeracy: We will be looking at dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers by single digit numbers using remainders and fractions, coordinates in all four quadrants, finding the mean of a few small numbers, solving word problems and finding fractions of amounts.

Science: This half term our topic for science is Solids and liquids. We will be sorting materials into liquids and solids, melting solids to make liquids and sieving and filtering to separate solids and liquids.

Computing: To begin the term we are going to continue with improving our word processing skills, and then start with collecting and presenting data.

RE: During this term we will be doing some more work on Gospels which we started last term.

Topic: We will be looking at Chembakolli, which is a village in India. Finding out where it is and what it is like in India. We will then be thinking about farming and crops, education and housing.

Art/DT: We will be looking at and creating Batik – Textile and Fabric.

French: This term the topic is ‘Music and celebrations’.

Music: For term 4 children will be learning some songs for Mother’s Day and Easter.

PE: Hockey, Tag Rugby and Swimming.

This term a homework choice grid will be sent home, one piece of homework from the grid must be completed each week. Five spellings will be sent home to learn each week, there will then be a test on those five and the previous week’s five spellings.
Reading and simply enjoying books at home with your child will also further their development as will helping them learn their times tables.

I hope this will give you a further insight into your child’s education. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Mrs. Hines
Class 4 Teacher

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