Yr.6 Spring Term 2


Dear Parent/Carer,

During the second half of the Spring term, year 6 will be covering the following topics:

Numeracy:     Ratio and proportion, investigation techniques, 24 hour clock, the use of timetables, mental calculation strategies, the standard written methods for addition, subtraction multiplication and division and properties of numbers.

Literacy:        Aesop’s fables, studying the book ‘Fuzzy Mud’ by Louis Sachar and revising different genres including instructions, debates, explanatory texts and newspaper articles..

Science:           How we see things and revision of topics studied in previous year groups.

History:           The Indus Valley Civilisation

Computing:    Creating video trailers

PE:                   Tag Rugby and Swimming

Music:             Composition 

Art:                  Creating terracotta toys based on the Indus Valley

RE:                  Christianity: salvation-  what difference does the resurrection make to Christians?

French:            French speaking places

PSHE:             Local democracy

Below are some links to websites which will link to our topics this term;



We hope this will give you further insight into your child’s education.

Yours sincerely,

Miss S Laws and Miss J Landy

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