Ash Wednesday

Today in worship we celebrated Ash Wednesday, initially we talked about which part of the Bible the stories about Jesus’ life could be found. Continuing on, we recapped the story from the previous worship about Lent and how Jesus went into the desert for forty days where the devil tried to tempt Him three times. Two children were asked to hold some sweets in their hand, the rest of us watched to see if they were tempted to eat them.

Next our aim as a school for daily generous, kind acts was explained. Today’s act is listing ten things we have to be thankful for and tomorrow’s is about sitting with someone you do not usually spend time with at the lunch table.

During the final section of worship all the children were invited to write a prayer asking for forgiveness. Everyone then went down to the playground and put their prayer into the incinerator. We then watched as the prayers were all burnt, with the idea that the bad thing done previously was now reduced down to ash. This represents Jesus’ forgiveness when we repent. Once the ash had cooled, some year 6 children brought the ash round the classes to show the rest of the children.

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