The WHOLE Bible in ONE Day! R.E Art Special

The children of St Eanswythe’s have told the story of the WHOLE Bible in a day! All 66 books!

All the children took part in a special RE Art Day, creating a truly spectacular piece of Bible-inspired artwork.

The ‘Big Frieze’ artwork by Emma Yarlett is used throughout the school’s R.E curriculum and it represents the story of the Bible in its entirety – from the ‘Let there be Light’ of Creation, to the Book of Revelation, and everything in between. We decided to create our own version of the Big Frieze.

Each class was allocated one of the picture panels of the Big Frieze and then in small groups created their own interpretation of the key events and important Christian messages they found. Working on large canvasses, each class created six representations of their panel, all of which will be displayed together up the main staircase to create one HUGE Frieze for our school.

The children shared their creations in an afternoon worship and all the staff were super impressed at the thought, care and creativity the children had put into their work.  These photos show the hive of activity the classrooms have been all day, and the finished canvasses will soon be hung for all to enjoy.

Well done to all the teachers and children for working so hard to create such a special piece of art that will be enjoyed by pupils for years to come.

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