Owls B Week 2

Owls B have now renamed themselves, they would now like to be known as the Dolphins!

We have had an even busier week this week as you can see from the photos. Our worship and RE this week has been focused on Hope. We discussed what hope was and likened it to the story of The Mustard Seed. We then planted a seed to see how long it would take to grow with a little care and attention. Then we wrote our hopes for next year on the chalkboard. We have visited the Bayle pond and started to plant some flower seeds there, we will continue to visit and make sure they are watered and looked after. Everyone can now ride a bike which is a fantastic achievement! We have so much fun when we use the bottom playground and get on the bikes and scooters. In one of our PE lessons this week we have learnt how to play table tennis, it was great fun! We have come to the end of our Literacy book ‘Dear Greenpeace’ and have written letters and drawn pictures about an animal that we have found in the garden. We finished it by making paper plate settings and then creating our animals from the story as a puppet. 



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