Last Day in 6B

Sadly today was the final day in our 6B bubble. The end of the school year has been very different this year in these difficult circumstances and yet also very enjoyable. It has been a delight having the opportunity to work with the children in my bubble again after teaching them in year 4 two years ago. They have all matured in to great individuals and it’s been a pleasure to spend time with them. Today we made sand ornaments and sand pictures, played ‘Who am I?’ yes/no games and held an award ceremony where each child accepted a memories sheet. During the ceremony the children each read out their own favourite memory of St Eanswythe’s School and received their own personalised award and ‘Wonder choose kind’ Tiki hat. Following an extended lunch play, we watched a film and ate party food. To finish the afternoon, the children put on their new hats (From Miss Laws, Miss Landy and Mrs Marritt) and leavers’ sweatshirts (that were donated by the PTFA) and sang one of our favourite Worship songs ‘My Lighthouse’ for a final time, which caused a few tears amid a lot of energetic dancing. They will all be missed, I wish them well for the future.

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