Yr.6 Awards

Traditionally, we hold an awards ceremony for Yr.6 to celebrate some of the gifts, talents and skills we have amongst the children.   This year, we could not hold the usual assembly with parents present or give out the awards which travel between houses as usual.  However, we really wanted to mark the amazing children we have had in the current Yr.6.  Therefore, we purchased mini trophies which the children can keep and had these engraved.  We held our own socially distanced awards ceremony where Miss Landy, Miss Laws and Mrs O’Callaghan gave short speeches about how special and amazing the current Yr.6 have been, the children shared memories through the megaphone and then the trophies were presented.  

Each award is well deserved and represents the progress and determination Yr.6 have shown in their journey through St Eanswythe’s.  we really do wish them all well in the future and hope that everyone stays in touch with us.  We will miss you all!


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