Key Worker Group B Last Week

We have had a fun and busy time during our last week. We made craft gifts for the residents of Pelham House using wooden hearts, small glass tiles and grout. In our Bayle Pond time we created toy figure zip lines from the trees, bushes, railing and benches. Our fashion skills were put to the test as we each designed and decorated our own t-shirts using special fabric ink. This week’s STEM activities consisted of challenges including creating the longest paper chain out of one sheet of A4; building the highest tower in 3 minutes using only 50 cups; and making the the tallest free-standing structure possible out of toothpicks and jelly sweets. We continued our run of coming up with delicious culinary creations by making topped pizzas and pizza sandwiches. More Minecraft challenges, quizzes, games and a disco party rounded off a brilliant end to the term.

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