Dolphins’ Last Week!

It has been the busiest week by far. So much to do and so little time to do it in! It would have been the 25th anniversary of Charivari this year and as you may know we always participate in making costumes and being in the parade. Unfortunately, no one could do that this year but we decided we could still create our own costumes. Strange cargo delivered the templates for a headdress and twirler and we went on to make our own carnival masks and costumes! We also started the week off with a class sports day, the weather was very kind to us, and we all had a great time. In between being costumes designers we made rocky road, which was a big hit with the chocolate lovers in the class, we learnt how to sew with a proper needle and thread and played table tennis.

In worship we have been talking about hope, courage, love and patience, looking at chapters from the Bible and relating them to our own situation especially in this strange time. We finished our worship off by writing in a traffic light. Red was all the things we have missed during lockdown, amber was things we look forward to doing and green was the things we enjoyed doing in lockdown.

All the children have been fantastic in this class and I am very proud of them all and how they have dealt with a very different way of life in school. Now go and have a great summer!


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