Virtual Folkestone school Games

Well done to everyone who entered the Virtual Folkestone School Games.  Seven hundred and thirty six children from thirteen schools entered!  Children had to complete three activities.

  1. See how many star jumps they could do in a certain time
  2. See how many speed bounce they could do over a line in a certain time
  3. Run around markers and time how quickly they could do it

The activities were differentiated depending on the age of the children and medals were awarded for first, second and third in each age category.

We had 26 entries from St Eanswythe’s. Everyone did really well.  The following children even managed to achieve a medal.  Well done everyone!

Teo – Yr.5 – Best video

Caleb – Yr.6 1st Star Jumps (122 in 60 seconds) 2nd Speed Bounce (97 in 30 seconds) 3rd Sprint (8x5m in 12.97 seconds)

Louis – Yr.6 1st Speed Bounce (98 in 30 seconds)

Sonnel – Yr.6 2nd Star Jumps (104 in 60 seconds)

Jake – Yr.7 1st Star Jumps (86 in 30 seconds) , 1st Speed bounce (122 in 30 seconds) , 1st Sprint (10 x 5m 17.51 seconds)


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