September 2020

Seeing Sound Waves

As part of our science topic on sound, Class 5 carried out an investigation to find out if we could see the effect of sound waves. We made simple ‘ear drums’ using plates with cling film stretched across them. Rice Crispies were placed on the cling film. Next we created sound waves using a range Continue reading

Experimenting with Yeast

Last week Yr.6 found out that yeast was a living thing.  today, they worked to find out what conditions yeast thrived in.  They experimented with different combinations of sugar, warm water and cold water.   The yeast respired the most with a combination of warmth, moisture and sugar.  We then used our findings to cause the Continue reading

Owls Make Fish Using Clay

Owls have been busy using clay to make fish.  These were inspired by our work on the book ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We used our hands and some simple tools to mould the fish then carved and decorated them. We will be painting them dazzling colours this week!

Gymnastics Club

Today we had our first gymnastics club. We learnt the safety rules and the names of equipment used such as the vault and springboard. We practiced pencil rolls and forward rolls, balanced on the benches and jumped off the vault landing onto the crash mat. 

Under the Sea Role Play

Owls have been busy role playing different sea animals. We learnt how shoals of fish move around and why they swim so closely together. We also played a game where one child acted out a sea creature and the rest of the class had to guess what it was!

Tiki Club

So far children at Tiki club have learnt how to get her to jump, go through tunnels, go under arches, through hoops and over a bridge.  They have also worked on her obedience including recalls, touch, paw, sit, down, wait and come commands.  We have some brilliant dog trainers in our midst!

Windy Cycle Ride

Yesterday , Yr.6 cycling club braved the weather and headed out along the seafront even though the wind was so strong! They were amazing cyclists, thankfully the wind was against us going which made for a very speedy ride home! We still managed 7 1/2 miles. Well done everyone!

Social club week 3

This week in social club we have been collecting autumn leaves to produce amazing animal pictures. The children have also been busy playing with lego to create towers and houses.We had a games night where we played board games together. On Thursday we played Kahoot which was a hit with the children!

The Ducklings’ first week together

This week we have been busy getting to know each other. We have been writing our names, using scissors, exploring the pond, learning to share and working together, taking part in PE in the hall, visiting the computer suite  learning the school rules. 

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