Year 4 Mummify Tomatoes!

Today in Year 4 the children became embalmers from Ancient Egypt. We discussed the process of embalming and mummification and put what we had learnt into practice by mummifying something…a tomato! 

A small hole was cut in the tomato and the children scooped out all of the flesh- it was a messy job! We discussed the fact that the heart would have been left inside the body but today, everything was removed from the tomato. A paper towel was used to soak up any excess moisture. The tomato was weighed pre mummification so we can record differences in weight.  Next, we made a mixture of salts to mirror the Natron salts the Egyptians would have used to dry out the bodies. This was made up of table salt and bicarbonate of soda. Finally, we wrapped the tomato in bandages. We are going to leave them until the end of term to see what happens. We cannot wait to see! Some of year 4 wondered whether our tomatoes would make it to the Afterlife. 

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