Water Investigations!

This morning Yr.1 received a letter asking them to help Otto the otter from the story ‘The Otter who wanted to Hold Hands.’   Otto was scared of water and therefore wasn’t prepared to let go of his parents’ hands  Otto’s mum and dad wrote Owls a letter asking them to help convince Otto that water was fun.  They did several experiments including:

  1.  Freeing a sea creature from a block of ice
  2.  Making water walk uphill and mix colours
  3. Causing jelly otters to grow and others to shrink
  4. Making pepper run away from our fingers
  5. Holding a whole bottle of water upside down with a table tennis ball as the only thing stopping it
  6. Making a jellyfish which really swam up and down in a bottle

We found that Owls are amazing scientists.  They worked really well and then told Otto all about their discoveries.  Otto was persuaded by the fun that they had had and he did let go of his parents’ hands.  He found that he loved water after all!  Well done Owls you did a great job!

Owls also enjoyed playing with Tiki and doing some maths based around otters!

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