20th November 2020

Egyptian Cat Mummies

This week Year 4 have been thinking about the role of cats in Ancient Egypt. Cats were sacred animals and the owners used to even dress them up in jewels and finery and feed them the tastiest of treats! We discussed how cats were used for protection in the afterlife and were often mummified and Continue reading

Social Club A – Week 3

We have been super busy in social club this week. The children have made their own dream catchers which were beautiful. On Thursday we played bingo. Social club enjoyed this so we played lots of games.On Friday we played with the parachute. The children loved sitting inside it to make a tent. 


Today Year 4 participated in a TTRockstars battle. The two halves of the class were very evenly matched as can be judged by the result of team 6A with 264 points and 256 for team 6B. The battle created a huge buzz of excitement around our computer suite. It is a great way to have Continue reading

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