Who is the Baby in the Manger? Ducklings discover the story of Jesus.


Today the Ducklings learnt two very big and important words ‘Nativity’ and ‘Incarnation’.

 We heard the story of how Joseph and Mary had a baby called Jesus, who was a very special baby- he was God incarnate!  When we do worship we light three candles for God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit– this was the Son part! We then looked at how Jesus grew up to tell amazing and important stories, some of which we have already heard in Ducklings.  Then we discovered that Jesus died at Easter time, on the cross. We discussed these three major points of the story of Jesus and how they are all about the same person – that little baby in the manger that Christians celebrate at Christmas.

We then did amazing freeze frames of the three main parts of the life of Jesus, and used a candle to show how Christians call Jesus ‘The Light of the World.

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