24th March 2021

Palm Crosses

Today Year 4 made crosses which represent the palm leaves waved the day Jesus triumphantly arrived in Jerusalem at the beginning of Holy Week. The children then decorated their cross with things that are good in their own lives at the moment.

Roman Numerals

For Numeracy today we focussed on Roman Numerals. We learnt a pneumonic to help us remember the letters used in size order, ‘I’m Very eXcited Learning Cool Dance Moves’ We then made our own pairs cards and had fun competing with each other.

Acid Reactions

This morning Yr.6 continued their topic on reversible and irreversible reactions.  After looking at how water reacted with some materials last week they moved onto acids.  They found that acids react with carbonates and cause a chemical reaction.  They started with bicarbonate of soda, washing soda crystals and marble chips.  Using lemon juices and vinegar Continue reading

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