March 2021

Roman Numerals

For Numeracy today we focussed on Roman Numerals. We learnt a pneumonic to help us remember the letters used in size order, ‘I’m Very eXcited Learning Cool Dance Moves’ We then made our own pairs cards and had fun competing with each other.

Acid Reactions

This morning Yr.6 continued their topic on reversible and irreversible reactions.  After looking at how water reacted with some materials last week they moved onto acids.  They found that acids react with carbonates and cause a chemical reaction.  They started with bicarbonate of soda, washing soda crystals and marble chips.  Using lemon juices and vinegar Continue reading

Shakespeare in the Sun!

Year 6 enjoyed some time over at the Bayle pond today as the weather was so lovely. They wrote fantastic diary entries in role as Miranda- a very love struck young girl in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest”. The children performed these in character and they were just brilliant!  We intend to use the Bayle pond as Continue reading

Year 5 Rocket Launch

As part of our topic Earth and Space, we designed, built and launched water pressure rockets using card, glue and 2 litre water bottles. We thought carefully about how to streamline and balance the rocket with cones and fins. Our rockets were launched using a specially designed launch pad and a bike pump. Pressure was Continue reading

March Reading Challenges

It has been great to see so many of you joining in with the March Reading Challenges and sharing your photos on Padlet.  Only just over a week to go  -how many challenges can you do?  Prizes on offer in the last week for the children who have ticked off the most challenges – use Continue reading

Lent Challenges

What beautiful praying hands – lovely to see.  Well done girls! Remember you can share your Lent challenges on Padlet for all to see. 🙂

Amazon Wishlist

A big thank you to several members of Cheriton Baptist Church who donated books from our Amazon wishlist this week.  There were also some lovely parents and some anonymous donors.  Thank you, every book makes a real difference!  

Curling with the Ducklings

Today the Ducklings spent time during their PE lesson taking turns while practising their gross motor skills. They had to take their time and use hand eye co-ordination to hit the targets laid out in the hall. They all did a fantastic job at listening and following instructions throughout the lesson. While having fun we Continue reading

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Reflecting Light

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