April 2021

Social Club Group B – Week 3

We have had fun this week in Social Club Group B. We did bubbles and Lego in the playground, movie night, making bracelets, scratch art, Minecraft in the computer suite, Playmobil, mindful colouring and as always had some very tasty dinners in the hall.


This week Yr 4 have been using a new Numeracy website we have access to.  The children seem to be really enjoying the games based maths learning resource, they know their log ins and can also play at home. It is a fun way to improve Numeracy skills.

Acids and Alkalis

This morning Yr.6 looked at acids and alkalis.  They looked at the pH scale which ranges from 1-14.  Yr.6 realised that there are lots of acids and alkalis in their houses.  These range from shampoos and cleaners to foods and medicines.  We found out that there are lots of substances that indicate whether substances are Continue reading

Kenning Poems

In Literacy Yr 4 have had fun with kenning poems, the children all followed the pattern of a kenning and wrote a poem about themselves anonymously. Everyone then got in to pairs or threes and read each other’s poems trying to work out who each one was about. The children really enjoyed writing the poems Continue reading

Planting a Rainbow

This week  Ducklings have been reading ‘Planting a Rainbow’. Today we have been growing our own rainbows by colouring kitchen towel. The children selected colour pens coloured the bottom edge of the kitchen towel. Then placed towels in water. As you can see we had lots of fun watching the colours travel up the kitchen Continue reading

Beach Buddy Day

For the first time since COVID we were able to link with our buddies.  The buddies have really missed spending time together.  First, we headed to Sunny Sands where we dug holes, built sand castles, played football, collected water, played with Tiki and had so much fun together.  As the tide came in we had Continue reading

Year 4 Go To Church

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the Church today for the first time in ages. We thought about one of our school values, compassion. We learnt more about how St Eanswythe showed compassion to the local people when she was alive. We also had a discussion about how we can be compassionate Continue reading

Year 6 Life Cycles

Yesterday, as part of our science lesson, we visited The Bayle Pond to see if we could spot any newts in the pond. We were lucky enough to see quite a few at different stages of their life cycle. We saw that the younger and smaller newts (newt tadpoles) were much lighter in colour and Continue reading

Owls Learn About Capacity

On Monday and Tuesday in Owls Class we have been learning about capacity. We have learnt about how different containers of different sizes hold different amounts of liquid. We were able to go outside using the water table and had to use the terms ‘Full’, ‘Nearly Full’, ‘Half Full, ‘Nearly Empty’, and ‘Empty’ with lots Continue reading

Social Club Group B – Week 2

Another exciting week in Social Club Group B. We kicked off the week with ‘Social Club’s Got Talent’ on Monday which was amazing. Well done to everyone for taking part. We have filled the rest of the week playing with chalk in the sunshine, playing on the computers together, planting sunflower seeds, watching Trolls, colouring Continue reading

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